Mobile Loyalty App Reseller | How To Make Money From Your Apps?

Mobile Loyalty App Reseller | How To Make Money From Your Apps?

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How do I get help when I become a Reseller?

​We have a dedicated landline always open during office hours. Also, you can keep in touch with your account manager via Skype.

How does the app publishing process work?
Google Play Store publishing belongs to the Reseller since it’s a simple process. Apple App Store publishing is taken care of by MobiRoller. It takes a day to see your app in the Google Play Store and about a week for the Apple App Store.

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Best mobile app reseller program


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How can you make money with a free app? That was the leading question yesterday during a broadcast. There was a clear answer in the broadcast: mobile loyalty app reseller, there are 5 ways to make money if you offer a free app. Let’s walk past them.

5 Ways To Become A Mobile App Reseller An Make Money

Making an app costs money. Why do developers invest time and money in making a free app? By reclaiming it in one of the following 5 ways:

Offer To Advertise While Using The App.

Providing a limited environment, full access costs money (freemium model).

  • Brand building.
  • Data sales.
  • 2-sided business model.

1 Offering Advertising

You install a free app. And every time playing (use), advertising is displayed. Approximately 0.5% of all impressions appear on the advertisement. And per click, the provider of the advertisement pays about $ 0.20 – $ 1. Suppose you have 1.000.000 ad impressions per day, then with a click percentage of 0.5% 5,000 times will be clicked. And that means a turnover of $ 2,500 per day for a ‘cost-per-click’ of saying $ 0.50. And so of more than $ 75,000 per month.

find more in doc:

Why would a provider of ads want to pay for a click? Someone who clicks is not yet someone who buys something. The broadcast did not go into this, but only a part of the 5,000 clicks will eventually actually buys something.

Best Mobile App Reseller Program | Earnings Model

This earnings model is comparable to that of the commercial TV channels. You can watch TV for free, but it is ‘bothered’ every so often (some people see advertising as ideal plasma moments, by the way) with advertisements that usually play a little louder.

A variant of this business model is the buying off of advertising. You assume that the advertising itself will not yield that much, but that you will start to bother you. Incidentally, it does not need to advertise here; you can always get information like ‘pop-up’ in the picture. If you are playing well, then you get the opportunity to buy off the annoyance. The money goes directly to the app builders. (see google sites)

We also know this revenue model. In the past, you had no or less publicity on the public broadcasters and paid ‘sight and listening money’ for that. Also the new initiative of ‘The reporter’ is going to publish a newspaper without advertising (of course you pay for the content, but more than you would have to pay if there would also be advertising).

Regarding our decision tree, this revenue model is either a hidden need (you can be tempted to purchase a product from an advertiser) or hidden costs (there are an annoyance and wasted time, and you are willing to buy it off).

2 Freemium Model | Mobile Loyalty App Reseller

With a freemium model, you can simply download the app for free. But while playing, certain possibilities seem to be reserved for so-called ‘premium’ players. In order to become a top player and thus be able to make use of all possibilities, you have to pay extra. These additional payments are called “in-app” purchases. A kicked model, so you start with free, and then you come to turns that require you to pay. Of course, the money goes straight to the app builders here (separate from the payment for Apple). Click here to find more details How To Make Money Selling Apps.

We also know this model. If you get a free piece of cheese in the supermarket to taste, it is obviously the intention that you become so enthusiastic that you will buy a large piece. This revenue model is based on a threshold reduction; it is a way to get acquainted with the benefits of the product for free. It also has something of a ‘locked-in’ effect. Once you are in it, you cannot go back. Compare it with Google and the many services. All free but in time you get so caught up in the web facilities that you cannot live without them. Making a paid model of it is, of course, an option.

Watch this video


It also reminds me of the cheap printers that you could buy a few years ago. For 49$ you had a neat printer that you knew they could not make for that money. But every three months the money was earned with the sale of cartridges that were somewhere around $25 (cost of a few dollars).

3 Brand Building

Producers also offer free apps. It is then the intention that you will keep the producer. You would love to buy their products because the use of the app and the pleasure you experience is linked to the product and the brand.

The revenue model for the app builder (the products, the brand-holder) is that a higher price can be asked for comparable products. Brand loyalty is rewarded with a higher sales price of the product. (see blogger)

Not new, of course. I think that’s what Michelin did a hundred years ago. Michelin is a tire brand. Someday somebody came up with a ‘Michelin guide.’ This guide indicates where you can eat at a high level. The guide shares stars with the best restaurants. The guide has such a huge influence on the choice of visitors that we speak of ‘star-restaurants’ and ‘star-chefs’ only by the mention in the guide. Perhaps the thought has ever been that this restaurant and visit leads to extra kilometers were driven and thus to higher tire wear. But above all, it is so (I think) that Michelin is seen as such a fine brand that you have more left for a Michelin band than for any comparable tire.

Mobile App Reseller White Label

This business model, therefore, appeals to your built-in tendency to restore the balance of giving and taking. You do not want to be left with guilt.

4 Sale Of Data

The fourth way to make money from free apps is to store and resell the user’s data. The data will then still be used to provide you with more targeted advertising so that you can purchase a product sooner. Theoretically, you could of course also use the sensitive private information to blackmail people, but I leave this possibility aside.

The earnings model on the buying side (the producer) is also clear. The producer can use this new information with a more limited marketing budget to generate the same turnover. Or vice versa, the same marketing budget can result in higher sales and corresponding profit.

Incidentally, the Court’s argument that people are generally not aware of this revenue model. The message is actually: there is no such thing as free. Here too, there are hidden costs. Do you want the app builder to create an app to know so much about you?

5 2-Sided Business Model

What does this cryptic description mean? It means that the user can use the app for free and that ‘at the back’ parties are prepared to pay for information. Take, for example, a vacancy site like Monster board, which works with the same model. As a job seeker, you can simply register for free. The vacancy site derives its value from the fact that many job-seekers are registered. Only then is it possible for an employer to search quickly and efficiently in a database of suitable candidates for his vacancy?

In app-land, for example, it concerns a comparison site. You are looking for a new TV and want to quickly find all the information such as prices in a row. You also want to know what other users think of the product. You will then be redirected to a store, which pays an amount to the comparison site per sold product. Whether it is a site that helps you to book a trip. The revenue model here is that an ‘application fee’ is settled. A compensation for the mediation between buyer and seller.

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Earnings model 5 is somewhat like number 4 (selling information). But in this case of the 2-sided business model, there is usually a real sales transaction after which it is only settled. The information set is also not (necessarily) sold but remains with the intermediary.

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